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In compliance with the European (EU) General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), we’d like to inform you that your e-mail address and other personal data marked as required and provided filling out this form are necessary for signing up to our ViaMedina LTD  newsletter. The sign-up procedure cannot be completed without them.The email address and other personal information collected are processed by ViaMedina LTD  (Data controller) with computerized procedures and methods suitable to ensure the correct management of the requested service and the related legal obligations. The data is filed by ViaMedina LTD  for the time period established by the current law and is protected by suitable security measures, meeting the standards required for the confidentiality of data and communications.The data is processed by the employees and collaborators specifically appointed by ViaMedina LTD  according to the established offices and functions. The data may also be disclosed to other third-party companies that, as data processors, help the Data controller provide the services listed above.The e-mail address supplied when signing up to the newsletter can also be used by the Data Controller to send (in addition to the newsletter) communications related to similar events and services. The data subject can object at any time (immediately or at a later date) to the sending of these communications, by writing to

Subject to the consent of the person concerned (given by ticking the appropriate boxes), the e-mail address and other personal data (or information if referring to companies, organizations or associations), can also be processed by the Data Controller for the following purposes:a) to send, also via automated calling systems, faxes, e-mails, text messages and mms, advertising materials, for direct sales, for carrying out market research or commercial communication activities in relation to the trade shows the person concerned is interested in and on the services and products of the Data controller.For the purposes listed above, providing the personal data is not mandatory and has no effects on signing up to the ViaMedina LTD  newsletter. Data will be managed using computerized procedures (and processed in line with criteria related, for example, to business, work, professional activities or activities of other kinds, geographical areas, type of events/services used, etc.) and can come to the knowledge of the staff appointed for these purposes inside ViaMedina LTD , by staff appointed for this purpose and by the appointees of trusted companies that perform, on our behalf, certain technical and organizational operations that are strictly necessary for carrying out the above-mentioned activities (such as, for example, specialized companies for activities of commercial information and promotion, market research and surveys on the quality of the services and on customer satisfaction: please check the updated list available from our Company).The data subject can access their personal data at any time and ask for their rectification, completion, erasure. Data subjects can also request to restrict data processing and data portability, where applicable. They can also object to their processing for direct marketing purposes, as well as withdraw their consent at any time (articles 15-22 of the GDPR) by contacting ViaMedina LTD , with registered office in Telecom House, 125-135, Preston Road, Brighton England, BN1 6AF, e-mail The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with their Data Protection Agency if they think that their rights have been infringed.


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Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer while you browse a website or use a web application. Such files contain various types of information designed to enrich the functionality of a website (such as for online purchases or customizing messages in accordance with one's preferences), to collect statistical data and, in general, to improve the user browsing experience.

Types and purpose of cookies

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Session cookies / Permanent cookies
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First-party cookies / Third-party cookies
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Technical cookies are essential for the proper functioning of a website or application. The absence of such cookies might cause improper functioning or no functioning at all. Profiling cookies are designed to collect and store information about a visitor (e.g. the pages visited, any searches done etc.) to provide focused advertising that is more likely to be of interest Cookies used The websites for companies in the ViaMedina LTD might, depending on the type and purpose of the website itself, install one or more third-party cookies on a visitor's computer as per the following:

Google Analytics: Profiling
Monitoring and analysis of website traffic to obtain statistical data and to profile visitors.

E-Commerce Service
Necessary for the correct functionality of the ticketing purchases. Please refer toStripe

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