I know, I know, it's another post about something that you'll probably think is gross. The heart. Because you're all lovers, not fighters and you think that eating a heart is just about as close as you can get to your favourite scene in Hannibal (I hear series 3 gets awesome, by the way). But like many other things, I think that once I've explained how I prepare it and how great it can be, you'll be convinced to try it yourself. It really is a fantastic cut of meat and I very much encourage you to try it out.

Hey look, I know that some things really can be an acquired taste, and I don't pretend to think that a revolution of lesser cuts is on the imminent horizon. Offal is a hard sell and brains even more so;  if you have your reservations about those, I understand.

Moreover, I understand those reservations- there are a lot of textural issues with organs and no matter how well you cook those organs will always be there. However the heart is really a different kind of cut: it doesn't have the smell of offal nor of the slimy texture of liver and is instead firm like a steak.

It is also incredibly good for you. Hearts are packed full of Vitamin C, Iron and B-6 for healthy skin, eyes, liver, hair and it's bursting with protein, iron and selenium. There is over 200% of your daily recommended dose of B-12 in your average portion of heart, which is responsible for good blood flow and supporting the nervous system.

Ounce for ounce, heart satisfies both the craving for super foods as well as taste. A fresh heart really does taste like a softer leaner steak and if you really miss the fat of a ribeye you can always cook it in butter like I do.

Cooking Veal Heart

If you like steak tartar and you trust your butcher, it's a real treat (honestly, Hannibal does get better if you stick with it)

Veal heart Panzanella

All told however, I prefer a classic prep, cooked medium rare and finished with a fresh tasting panzanella salad. But I guess I'm just an old softie when it comes to matters of the heart.

Have you ever tried heart? Do you have a favourite preparation or are you still totally disgusted by the idea? How could I convince you? Let me know in the comments below...