The word concierge evokes the splendour of a grand hotel and globetrotting bon vivants taking in the sights of foreign lands from behind oversized sunglasses. These days, our holidays are much more diffuse, and we all do a lot of the planning and wandering on our own. It's a great thing, don't get us wrong: when we travel we love exploring aimlessly and following our feet toward the next adventure (or hilarious mishap).

We’ll get you castles and cars, towers and trains, or beach houses and boats, if that’s what you’re looking for. We can always arrange to have you meet a prince or two and if you need it, we might just be able to spirit you away to a monastery for a bit of relaxation. And don't worry, no question is too silly, too small or too strange.

So grab those oversize sunglasses, and we'll get the keys.

Bespoke packages

ViaMedina started by exploring, and we never get tired of looking for new places, new smells, new sights that delight our senses. And whether they be time honored or minor footnotes, they’re all worth a visit.

But don’t take our word for it, let us show you.

Our bespoke packages are designed to check off your bucket list, and add a few more stops along the way. We offer four levels of services, from a detailed and unique itinerary that we create with you, to a full service concierge, chef, and driver team who will bring you wherever you want to go, whenever you feel like going. Choose your adventure, and let us take you.



We love going off the beaten path- hey, that's what brought us to Italy! But what we love more than anything is to introduce other people to the hidden gems we've discovered and let you make your own memories.

ViaMedina Immersions are a full service, exclusive package for small groups who want to explore hidden treasures and surround themselves with all of the beauty and bounty that make Italy a singular destination.

Immersions are seasonally organized, weeklong itineraries designed to engage all of your senses and give you a real taste of life in Italy (without having to wait on any lines).

Don’t tour. Explore.

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Come for the pasta, stay for the prose.

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